JADE SOO | Founder, Lead Artist

Hello, I am Jade, the dreamer behind Jadore studio. I am a trained digital artist and illustrator who loves to work with watercolour.

My artistic venture started at a young age back in kindergarten. I loved attending art classes and drawing little story books for myself, and those make up my happy childhood memories.

You know there is a saying about door closes and then the other one opens? Ya, that one. Being the kid who is not so book-smart, I have my keen interest in art. I pursued my passion in art in my tertiary education.

All the skill sets I’ve gained in my art academic journey become my magic wand to translate any ideas and imaginations to life. For me, there is no limit in art. I often draws inspiration from the beauty in nature and daily life then translate them into illustrations that flow. What you have imagined, that could be real.

With love,


JAYLA SOO | Co-Founder, Calligrapher, PA Certified Trainer

Hello, I am Jayla, the builder behind Jadore Studio.

A scientist turned artist, that’s how I like to call myself. The artist in me allows me to create beautiful writing and with the scientist remnants in me, I am meticulous, accurate and precise in every piece of my artwork.

My calligraphy journey started as quite a random one- I picked up a pointed dip-pen out of curiosity and I have not been able to drop it since. My passion burns in the realm of traditional penmanship and I love exploring different writing styles and materials to apply my calligraphy techniques on.

Someone once asked me, “Computer can generate all sorts of font, so what is the value of (human) calligrapher nowadays?” Well I can proudly say that the value lies in our personal styles. No two calligrapher can produce one exact same font and that is the beauty in calligraphy. That is also why I emphasise a lot in my workshop on mastering the basics because that would enable us to develop our own writing styles.

Let your writing speaks for you.

With love,